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“The Human Experience”

The Human Experience, by New Age philosopher Miles Sheperd, is a riveting and enriching guide for readers who wish to embark on a journey through the geography of life’s many experiences, offering a fascinating and pragmatic perspective along the way.  Woven into this guide are innovative new tools with which we can carve out new directions, adding balance and meaning to life.  Too often, we get locked into old belief systems that explain thought and behavior, while shunning that which is new and innovative.  In Sheperd’s book, we learn that an openness to original thinking and fresh ideas will not only help us make sense of the world, but see this world in a global, society-directed way, rather than the me-culture that has predominated for too long.  History has shown that the ages of compassion and creativity have sustained civilization through its most difficult times.  The author reminds us throughout his treatise that by looking at and discovering the best of all cultures, we discover the best in our ourselves.  His compelling Five Cornerstone Progressive Philosophy may well become the linchpin on which the definition of true happiness is based.  By embracing this philosophy and allowing for what the author has coined positive expansive results, the unity of even the most disparate societies can be facilitated and individual contentment increased.  Finally, a practical guide to lift the human spirit and expand our awareness and appreciation of our universe.

Miles Sheperd

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